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The majority of consultations conducted through the HelloGP platform use videoconferencing, ensuring real-time visual interaction between doctors and patients. Our steadfast dedication to this approach ensures that we do not engage in asynchronous or SMS/chat-based consultations. We firmly believe that such methods are not conducive to providing safe and effective healthcare services.

In cases where an established patient-doctor relationship exists or video conferencing is not feasible, doctors may, at their discretion, offer a telehealth phone review. This flexible approach allows our doctors to maintain the highest standards of telehealth interaction, aligning with the guidelines set forth by AHPRA and AMA. By upholding these principles, we empower doctors on the HelloGP platform to deliver more effective outcomes for our valued patients, prioritizing their safety and well-being above all else.

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Why choose HelloGP?

Peace of Mind: Our telehealth consultations are provided by accredited Australian doctors who are fully insured.

Convenience 7 Days a Week: HelloGP offers medical care that fits your busy schedule. Reach a doctor 7 days a week from anywhere in Australia.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to travel and clinic waiting times. HelloGP promptly connects you with a doctor from the comfort of your home, car, work or location.

Accessible Medication and Healthcare: HelloGP provides easy access to medication and healthcare services, particularly benefiting rural Australians.

Reduced Clinic Burden: By choosing HelloGP, you help to reduce the burden on traditional clinics and hospitals.

Secure Document Storage: Your HelloGP account provides a secure hub for accessing essential documents such as medical certificates, referral letters, pathology, or radiology referrals, and more.

Digital Health Record Integration: Maintain a comprehensive digital record of your general healthcare activities, accessible whenever you need it.

Easy Mobile App Access: Access our user-friendly mobile apps for seamless document retrieval, appointment booking, and access to valuable healthcare information, blogs, and more.

Affordability: We offer cost-effective services, ensuring quality healthcare doesn't come at a premium.

Integrated Care: Explore additional features and services available through HelloGP's telehealth platform. From medical certificates and prescription refills to specialist referrals, we're here to address your medical needs with convenience and care.

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