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What is reflux?

Reflux, commonly known as heartburn or acid indigestion, is a condition characterised by a burning sensation in the chest or throat. When the valve between the stomach and oesophagus doesn’t close properly, stomach acid can travel back up, causing discomfort and a sour taste in the mouth. It’s a condition that doesn’t discriminate, affecting people of all ages and lifestyles, from the busy professional to the active athlete.

At HelloGP, we understand how disruptive reflux can be to your life. Our compassionate team is here to help manage and alleviate your symptoms. We start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific condition and triggers. Our approach may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, such as altering meal sizes and times, avoiding certain foods, and managing weight. Beyond physical treatment, we offer support and guidance to help you understand your condition and make informed choices about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reflux symptoms may include heartburn, regurgitation, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, and a sour taste in the mouth. Symptoms often worsen after meals or when lying down.

If you experience frequent or severe reflux symptoms, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. Chronic reflux can lead to complications like Barrett’s esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition. 

Lifestyle modifications include avoiding trigger foods (e.g., spicy or fatty foods), eating smaller, more frequent meals, not lying down immediately after eating, and maintaining a healthy weight. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol and caffeine intake can also help.

Reflux treatment options in Australia include over-the-counter antacids, prescription medications to reduce stomach acid, and in severe cases, surgical procedures like fundoplication.

Consulting with your HelloGP doctor is essential to determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

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