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Our online medical certificates are issued by accredited and registered Australian doctors and have gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of patients.

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How online medical certificates work

In Australia, employers have the right to request a medical certificate when employees take leave due to illness, injury, or carer’s responsibilities.

However, there are situations where individuals are too unwell to visit a doctor in person, can’t secure an immediate GP appointment, or are in isolation due to COVID-19.

InstantScripts offers a convenient solution in such cases. Patients complete a digital consultation form, and if approved by our doctors, they receive their medical certificate via email within 5-10 minutes.

For longer leave periods, patients are guided to a telehealth consultation with one of our doctors to discuss their condition

What are the benefits of using HelloGP?

  • Save time by avoiding travel and clinic wait times.
  • Improved access to healthcare for rural Australians.
  • Reducing the burden on in-person GP clinics.
  • Access your prescription and online medical consultation history securely via your HelloGP account.
  • Maintain your digital record of general healthcare activities.
  • Enjoy affordable services with no cancellation fees.

Conditions we treat at HelloGP

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