About HelloGP

HelloGP was founded by a group of Australian doctors with a simple yet powerful mission: to redefine healthcare access in a patient-focused manner.

With ever-increasing wait times and the risk of spreading germs or new viruses, it’s no secret that traditional GP appointments are becoming harder to access. We recognise the growing need for patients to connect with doctors on their terms, particularly for minor illnesses, scripts and medical certificates.

HelloGP gives you an alternative to traditional GP visits by offering a more efficient, patient-oriented solution – telehealth consultations from anywhere in Australia, any day of the year.

While prolonged wait times in conventional GP practices are frustrating, we see the after-affects of this in our often drained colleagues working within these practices. By managing minor healthcare issues efficiently, HelloGP ensures that medical practitioners can allocate more of their valuable time to complex cases and face-to-face consultations.

Our telehealth platform empowers you to seek medical advice, obtain prescriptions, and take control of your health, all from the convenience of your chosen environment.

Our Commitment to Patients

Your health is our paramount concern, and we have made it our mission to deliver a superior experience — one that is swift, efficient, and puts you at the centre.

Say hello to a new era of healthcare with HelloGP.

Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated Australian doctors with a shared vision: to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for you.

We know that lengthy wait times and the added risk of crowded GP practices makes healthcare harder for Australians to access – especially for minor issues. That’s why we created HelloGP, a patient-centric telehealth solution that connects you to qualified doctors, anywhere and anytime you need them.

How Does HelloGP Work?

Book Your Appointment

Book your telehealth appointment instantly or choose a convenient time.

Sign Up or Log In

Verify your personal details to ensure your doctor has access to your medical history.

Finalise Your Appointment

Confirm your booking time and consent before making your secure online payment.

Connect with Your Doctor

Connect online with your doctor online to discuss your health concerns or needs.

Convenient Access

Enjoy immediate access to your documents through our secure mobile app or website.

Why Choose HelloGP?

Peace of Mind: Our telehealth consultations are provided by accredited Australian doctors who are fully insured.

Convenience 7 Days a Week: HelloGP offers medical care that fits your busy schedule. Reach a doctor 7 days a week from anywhere in Australia.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to travel and clinic waiting times. HelloGP promptly connects you with a doctor from the comfort of your home, car, work or location.

Accessible Medication and Healthcare: HelloGP provides easy access to medication and healthcare services, particularly benefiting rural Australians.

Reduced Clinic Burden: By choosing HelloGP, you help to reduce the burden on traditional clinics and hospitals.

Secure Document Storage: Your HelloGP account provides a secure hub for accessing essential documents such as medical certificates, referral letters, pathology, or radiology referrals, and more.

Digital Health Record Integration: Maintain a comprehensive digital record of your general healthcare activities, accessible whenever you need it.

Easy Mobile App Access: Access our user-friendly mobile apps for seamless document retrieval, appointment booking, and access to valuable healthcare information, blogs, and more.

Affordability: We offer cost-effective services, ensuring quality healthcare doesn't come at a premium.

Integrated Care: Explore additional features and services available through HelloGP's telehealth platform. From medical certificates and prescription refills to specialist referrals, we're here to address your medical needs with convenience and care.

Medical Conditions HelloGP Can Manage

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