A GP visit is set to become more expensive in South Australia

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Doctors in South Australia are sounding the alarm as the cost of accessing primary healthcare services is poised to surge due to impending changes to payroll tax regulations. This move threatens to burden patients with higher fees and jeopardize access to essential medical care.

Dr. Daniel Byrnes, among many healthcare professionals, voices concerns over the detrimental impact of the forthcoming payroll tax on general practitioners (GPs). With estimates suggesting a staggering increase of approximately $12 per visit, GPs are left with no choice but to consider abandoning bulk billing—a vital lifeline for many patients. For Dr. Byrnes, who anticipates an annual expense of $140,000 across his practices, this tax is akin to imposing a “GST on health,” placing an undue financial strain on both practitioners and patients alike.

The impending payroll tax extends its reach beyond the realm of GPs, affecting clinics that already shoulder the burden for employees like nurses and receptionists. Come July 1st, this tax will encompass GPs, exacerbating the financial pressure on healthcare providers and subsequently translating into increased costs for patients. The shift in interpretation regarding GPs’ employment status only exacerbates an already precarious situation.

For patients like Sonia Mastantuono, already juggling financial responsibilities, the prospect of heightened medical expenses is daunting. With mortgages to pay and escalating fuel prices, any increase in healthcare costs poses a significant challenge. Similarly, concerns are raised for concession card holders, a demographic already grappling with financial constraints, who will bear the brunt of these changes.

Despite reassurances from Premier Peter Malinauskas that these changes do not constitute a new tax, the implications for patients and healthcare providers remain dire. In contrast to other states where governments have intervened to mitigate the impact on GPs, South Australia is urged to consider similar measures to safeguard affordable healthcare access for all.

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Amidst uncertainty and rising healthcare costs, the need for proactive measures to protect access to essential medical services has never been more critical. It is imperative that policymakers prioritize the well-being of citizens and work towards sustainable solutions that uphold the fundamental right to affordable healthcare for all.

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